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Third Level Category:

24ft Calf Shelter


MacSteel Double Bale Feeder



MacSteel Single Bale Feeder



24ft Shelter

$6,500 with Wood Installed

$5,000 Less Wood

Gates Maybe added also

2023 Exiss Stock Boxes



Bul Tuf Fiberglass Stock Tank


T&S P-826B Trip Hopper

T&S P-826B Trip Hopper

1250 lbs capacity – 24″x72″x52″ (w/l/h)


T&S P-826 Trip Hopper

T&S P-826 Trip Hopper

750 lbs capacity – 24″x72″x40″ (w/l/h)


T&S JR. Trip Hopper

T&S JR Trip Hopper

30″ Long, 24″ Wide, and 30″ Tall


Super Steel

22GA Super Steel Sheets

New Galvanized sheets 24ft long by 37inches wide, Buy them in bundles or Individually

$110 each

$105 per Bundle (30) Sheets

Filson Tub & Alleyway


Filson Ranch Hand Chute

$8,300 Chute


$1,355 Palp Cage with slide gate

Filson Hydraulic Chute


Filson Calf Table


Ritchie Omni 1 Automatic Waterer


Up to 20 beef cattle, 20 horses or 10 dairy cattle

The OmniFount 1 is a single sided waterer ideally used in stalls and small pens or paddocks.

Fence Line Bunk


Tarter 10ft Metal Grain Feeder


Priefert Squeeze Chute


20ft Continuous Fence

6 Bar Panel (1 1/4")

$164/per Panel
$159/per Bundle of 20 or More

24ft Free Standing Windbreak Panels

Call for Availability & Price

Priefert 90 Degree Premier Open Sweep


3 Peice Super Round Bale Feeder


Tarter 3 Peice Heavy Duty Bale Hay Feeder


20ft Bottomless Bunks


24ft Free Standing Panel


WW Express Portable Corral System

Standard:  Call for Price
Plus 3:  $25,700
Plus 6:  $27,300

Ritchie WaterMatic 1000


Up to 275 cattle and 135 dairy.

The WaterMatic 1000 is designed for large herds and allows them to drink on all four sides of the waterer.

Ritchie WaterMatic 300


Up to 125 Cattle, 125 Horses, and 60 Dairy.

The WaterMatic 300 is designed for larger herds. 

Ritchie WaterMatic 150


Up to 40 cattle, 40 horses, and 100 sheep.

The WaterMatic 150 is a double-sided trough waterer ideal for fence line applications, small pens and paddocks.

Ritchie Omni 10 Automatic Waterer


Up to 275 beef cattle or 135 dairy cattle

The OmniFount 10 allows livestock to access water from 360 degrees around the waterer.  It is ideal for large herds by splitting a fence or stand alone in feedlot.

Ritchie Omni 5 Automatic Waterer


Up to 150 beef cattle or 75 dairy cows.

The OmniFount 5 is an ideal choice for watering large herds of cattle by splitting a fence or stand alone in feedlot. 

Ritchie Omni 3 Automatic Waterer


Up to 100 beef cattle or 50 dairy cattle.

The OmniFount 3 is best used when watering cattle by splitting a fence or stand alone in pen.

Ritchie Omni 2 Automatic Waterer


Up to 40 head of cattle and horses.

The OmniFount 2 is a double sided waterer ideally used when splitting a fence for small pens and paddocks.

Priefert Calf Table


24ft Free Standing Panel


Feed Bunks


Priefert Pasture Horse Feeder



Priefert Pasture Horse Feeder


Bunk Feeder with Powder Coat Metal Lining


Bunk Feeder with Slide-In Poly Liner

Call for Pricing

Priefert Bull Gates



Priefert Bull Gates



Priefert Bull Gates



Priefert Bull Gates



Priefert Bull Gates



Priefert Rough Stock Panels

$call on current pricing


Priefert Rough Stock Panels

$call on current pricing

Priefert Rough Stock Panels


Priefert Rough Stock Panels

$Call on Current Pricing

Priefert Premier Panels


Priefert Premier Panels


Priefert Premier Panels