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Third Level Category:

OLS #17 Equine Athlete

$197.00 / 250# tub
$95.00 / 100# tub

Woodys Special 25% All Natural Range Cake

$12.00 / 50lb Bag

Woodys 3 Way Corn Oats Barley with Molasses (COB)

$14.00 / 50 lb Bag 

Woodys Senior Feed

$15.85 / 50lb Bag

Woodys Summer Heat Feed

$16.50 / 50lb Bag

#4 Equi-Licks

This all natural protein, energy, concentrated vitamin, major and trace mineral package contains the AMAFERM ADVANTAGE and is specifically formulated for mature and growing stock horses on roughage.  Adjust intake for energy level needed or when animals are under stress.  It can also be used on cattle.  Provide plenty of drinking water and free choice salt.

TNT Control 30%


#9 Bovine Breeder

This protein, energy, vitamin and mineral package contains AMAFERM and is designed for use on growing and mature cattle being fed grass hay/dry grass pasture, or for mature cattle on very poor quality roughage.  Can be fed to equine.  Do not feed to sheep.  Provide plenty of drinking water and free choice salt.


The key to top performance and weight gain is a healthy digestive and immune system so nutrients can be absorbed properly and infections don't even have a chance!
OLS minerals contain the highest consistency of all natural protein, vitamins, and mineral.  Including, all natural vitamin E, ZINCPRO chelated trace mineral, human grade zinc methionine, and Lacto-Mos.
  Making our OLS product line simply the best tub line available today!